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That’s old-timey speak for “Listen up!”

I found this cool and funny quick-MBTI test the other day, and, over-eager to share it with a few Facebook friends, quickly made my own version without the F-bomb. Then I also posted it to my own blog just for kicks and giggles.

It exploded. I have spent hours, days, and weeks crafting some of my MBTI fictional character charts, and they didn’t get half the notes being up for weeks that my quick MBTI quiz did after a few hours.

Problem is, it really wasn’t mine. The blog I got it from in the first place had re-posted it instead of simply re-blogging it. I couldn’t find the original author here on Tumblr, and I was too eager to make my PG-rated Facebook version, so I jumped the gun.

We INFPs value two things: authenticity, and not pissing people off.

So when the original author saw my post and added an angry note, I got super distressed. I followed infjconfessions right back, but they don’t appear to have an ask box, so I can’t contact them. So, with my apologies, here’s the original picture, this time with their URL added atop it. If you’ve enjoyed this version or mine at any time, take a sec to reblog this one so everyone knows who came up with it in the first place.

Always source your art on Tumblr. And re-blog, don’t re-post. Lesson learned.


Penguin! 🐧🐧 It’s been a while since I subjected you to a #penguin shot but I spied this proud and very grubby little Chinstrap and just had to share him. He was so pleased with himself being King of the Mountain but I think someone forgot to tell him about his stained dinner suit 😆. Spotted on Half Moon Island, #Antarctica . #whereswiwi #wildlife (at Antarctica)

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